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    Aluminium Halls – Tents /Canopies

    Our covered spaces are suitable for organizing all kinds of events, characterized by excellent aesthetics and functionality. They offer complete protection from adverse weather conditions and provide fast, economical and effective solutions for every event covering spaces from 7 sq.m. up to 12,000 sq.m.


    Covered Spaces 10m

    Covered spaces 16-20-30m

    Provoli expo has covered spaces of 10 m width which can be transported quickly and easily, combining full protection with the perfect aesthetic. Covered spaces of 10 m width have the possibility of housing multitude of activities, social, artistic, technical and commercial business exhibitions in any part of Greece. Protective covers offer full coverage from all weather conditions. We cover surfaces from 10 sq.m. up to 10,000 sq.m. making effective spaces for any type of event.



    The frame of the halls consists of aluminum and galvanized parts. They are accompanied by a static study and enclosed by non-combustible PVC. The height at the sides is about 3.50 – 4 meters and at the top 4 – 6 meters.

    The types of small covered spaces that are available have the following dimensions: 10 m wide – unlimited length.

    The PVC of the sides can consist of: Light opaque PVC Translucent PVC material PVC with windows / transparent material


    Covered rooms and collapsible event tents are applicable to a wide range of activities, both in terms of the type of activity and its duration. The perfect aesthetic result combined with the quick and easy installation and de-installation as well as the reduced financial costs make the covered detachable rooms the ideal choice for weddings, christenings, fashion shows, festivals, parties, promotional and promotion actions, social, professional and artistic events, conference events, parking and storage areas, etc.

    PROVOLI expo has removable rooms of 16-20-30 m width which are quickly and easily transported due to the light frame made of aluminum, but with a large width, thus having the ability to cover large areas.


    The frame of the halls and tents is made of aluminum and enclosed by non-combustible PVC with a translucent roof.

    The height at the sides is about 3.80 – 4 meters and at the top 6.4 – 8.8 meters.

    The types of the large covered meeting rooms that we have, have the following dimensions:

    16 m wide – unlimited length

    20 m wide – unlimited length

    30 m wide – unlimited length that increases by 5 m. – any other dimension upon request. Due to the many options, various combinations can be created, meeting the needs of each event for which they are to be used.


    They find application in a wide range of activities both in terms of the type of activity and its duration. They are ideal for housing large events and activities such as storage of goods, parking areas, coverage of competition venues, housing of ice rinks and large technical projects, coverage of archaeological excavations, trade fairs, bazaars and festivals, social, professional and artistic events, conference events, and can also to be installed in ports, airports, logistics, military exercises and temporary accommodation.