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    Certificates of permanent & temporary structures

    All 16.3/400 P3N, 20.3/400 P3N, 30.4/400 P2N permanent & temporary space solutions and pagodas are built and designed in accordance with German building regulations under the supervision of German technical services and meet an estimated minimum resistance in wind of the order of 100 km/h including safety factor: 1.5. During strong winds of the order of 75 kilometers per hour the doors of halls and awnings must remain closed and not open to avoid internal pressure.


    Fire resistance: The fabric parts of the aforementioned constructions are flame retardant according to, among others, DIN 4102 B1, M2 standards.
    Maximum snow load: During periods of possible snowfall, the top of the structure should be heated to 12 degrees Celsius to prevent snow accumulation on the roof.


    Maximum floating loads:
    16.4/400 = 1000 kg per roof support in total (with a maximum suspended load of 500 kg per point)
    20.3/400 = 900 kg per roof bracket in total (with a maximum suspended load of 450 kg per point)
    30.4/400 = 700 kg per roof support in total (with a maximum suspended load of 300 kg per point)


    PVC Flammability Certificate:
    Department of BTTG Testing & Certification Ltd
    Reference code: FerrariS.A.
    PVC coated polyester fabric, refers to Precontraint 702 opaque.
    Specimen BS 7837: 1696
    Test Method: BS 5438: 1989 Test 2B (Bottom End Ignition)
    Flame Application Time = 10s, Cut Edge.
    Customer-specified face to the burner.


    Summary of Results: These results have been obtained using specified test conditions and do not necessarily represent the behavior of the test material under other test or use conditions.
    Assessment: Requirements of standard BS 7837: 1996
    The specimen shall be considered to perform satisfactorily (pass) if for at least five of the six test specimens: (a) the duration of ignition does not exceed 5 s after the flame is removed and (b) the lower limit of each flame does not reach either upper nor vertical edge and (c) the filter paper does not smolder or ignite
    Conclusion: This coated fabric complies with the requirements of BS 7837: 1996