• We got you covered ... since 1990 !!

    PROVOLI expo in collaboration with its subsidiary company “The White Fantasy – Skating Rinks of Greece” is active in the sale and rental of integrated ice rink systems. Based on the registered patent no. 1007249, combined with know-how, many years of experience and excellent service, makes us unique throughout Greece.


    It has the ability to install

    – Indoor ice rinks, which are fully covered with covered space halls and pagodas, thus providing protection in all weather conditions

    – Covered ice rinks in which only the rink is covered with the sides of the halls open

    – Open type rinks in which the rink is open, while the reception area, skates and changing rooms are housed in heated pagoda-style rooms


    In indoor ice rinks, the rink is housed in removable covered space halls and large pagodas, made of waterproof and flame retardant white PVC, without side curtains, thus providing protection from sun and rain but not from the wind. The reception and waiting areas, the changing rooms and the necessary equipment such as ice skates, are housed in heated, detachable pagoda-style rooms. They are set up in central parts of cities, combining protection, a high level of comfort and a stylish environment, with skaters having visual contact with the surrounding area.


    Our company has the ability to create unique Christmas parks in squares or parks in various cities of Greece.

    The ice rink, the stage decoration, together with the rest of the games such as the carousel and the roller coaster, the stands, the wonderful wooden houses of the outdoor market create a beautiful warm Christmas atmosphere.

    The festive atmosphere is enhanced by the Christmas market, interactive workshops, Santa’s house and post office, candy making, the school of little jugglers and face painting.