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    Exhibition equipment – Furnishing

    The PROVOLI expo company has at its disposal all the necessary additional equipment for the complete installation of an exhibition. We always ensure that the additional equipment is in perfect condition both functionally and aesthetically. We refurbish and rebuild our equipment and store it in a way that protects it from wear and tear.

    BOOTH STRUCTURE Construction of booth structure (partitions) from white electrostatic painted aluminum frames. Partitions (filling material) made of gray novopan. False ceiling made of aluminum frame measuring 2x3m. Metope made of white aluminum crossbars and filling material made of gray novopan and 0.30m high

    SPATIAL NETWORK A complex of nodes and rods. It consists of two superimposed lattices which are connected to each other by diagonal bars. Their material is aluminum and the distance between these two grids as well as their form give the spatial grid great flexibility for creating roofs with a complex shape. It is also used for the installation of lamps necessary for the lighting of the stands.

    ELECTRICITY Electrical installation, electrical panels, spotlights, sockets, fluorine-type ceiling lights to illuminate the corridors, lighting points to mark the emergency exits, autonomous security lights in the corridors, iodine projectors for external lighting of the entrance-exit areas, microphone and loudspeaker installation of premises.


    • Large and small aluminum and melamine cubes
    • Showcases made of metal, glass and melamine
    • White and black chairs made of galvanized metal and plastic
    • Illuminated aluminum, glass and melamine showcases
    • Desks in stainless steel and wood Exhibition stands
    • Curved furniture for Info stand made of metal and melamine
    • Black zeta-shaped stool
    • Round inox table
    • Stainless steel and PVC table
    • Gray or burgundy carpet Birch wood floor
    • White refrigerator
    • Melamine shelf
    • Folding plastic door