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    Ice ring equipment

    The equipment of the ice rinks is in accordance with the certified patent “Transportable aluminum energy rink” with number 1007249 and international classification (INT.CL8): A63C 19/10, E01C 13/10, F25C 3/02, E01H 4/02.


    The main parts for the operation of the ice rink are:
    1) Chillers
    2) Arrays of modular aluminum members
    3) Wooden railings
    4) Glycol
    The accompanying parts for the proper operation of the ice rink
    1. scrapers for cleaning the track
    2. ice skates
    3. children’s skates with double blades
    4. tracks for grinding the blades
    5. protective equipment such as knee pads, elbow pads, helmets
    6. aids for support and learning such as penguins, chairs, etc.
    7. benches for the service of skaters, reception benches
    8. hangers and monks
    9. all off-piste areas have a wooden floor and thick pile or rubber carpeting
    10. dexion shelves for storing skaters’ shoes
    11. closets / lockers for the placement of skaters’ personal belongings
    12. the entire installation of the ice rinks is surrounded by the appropriate sound and light equipment, thus turning the ice rink space into an entertainment track suitable for various parties and other entertainment events