• We got you covered ... since 1990 !!

    PROVOLI expo offers multi-purpose tents for direct solutions in areas such as logistics, supply chains as well as for the storage, packaging and distribution of products. The interior space of the spaces is uniform without columns, thus allowing the comfort of movements and the accommodation of a greater number of goods.

    The flexible canopies of our company have safety and durability certificates according to international standards and provide you with full coverage in all weather conditions, such as wind, snow, rain, hail, etc..

    The system of the awnings accompanied by a factory static study and consisting of an aluminum frame combines strength and safety with flexibility thus enabling quick assembly and disassembly, and due to its variable structure they can be used as an extension to existing buildings or stand alone . The entire frame, both the top and the sides, are enclosed by high-quality tarpaulins made of non-combustible PVC, thus contributing to better coverage and protection of the stored products.